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How to get a Turkish citizenship by investment

There are five investment options. You can obtain Turkish citizenship within three to six months. 

1.Purchase of real estate worth 400.000 USD. This is the easiest and most popular investment option when applying. You can buy any property including apartment, house, commercial/industrial premises and land. It is not necessary to buy one of them, you can buy several houses or apartments with a total cost of equals 400.000 USD. The only condition is there must no more than two months should elapse between transactions. 

2.Start a business with a capital of 500.000 USD or create jobs with at least 50 employee.

3.Purchase of national securities equals to 500.000 USD including government bonds and bills.

4.Purchase of share of investment funds equals to 500.000 USD, specializing in real estate or venture capital investments.

5. A deposit in a bank of 500.000 USD or more. 

Investments in Turkish citizenship are returnable. Three years after obtaining citizenship, you can sell the purchased papers or real estate or close the deposit. 

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. 

1.Meeting the requirements of the program 

2.Collecting the necessary documents 

3.Obtaining a short-term residence permit 

4.Applying for citizenship 

5.Obtain a Turkish passport

Bulut Adalet actively provides services for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. We are applying-following-concluding procedures for our clients.

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